Sore Throat Remedies

Sore throat remedies that are safe and free of chemicals are far and few between. But, few are not laced with unnatural ingredients that can in the long term do more harm than good. I hoped for something better. My clients were professional singers but even  I , a normal person, could appreciate the idea something entirely healthy to address a soar throat.

I developed Vocal-eze® in 2000, with the A&R Department of Sony Music in Nashville and artists at the County Music Awards (CMA). Having been on the road taking care of music artists since 1996, I was asked by an artist if I knew how to get rid of a sore throat. So I looked for a good sore throat remedy for singers, that was natural and also lubricated and did not have alcohol. After looking and talking to several companies that had alcohol based products on the market. There were no good sore throat remedies out there that met mine or the artist I worked with criteria.

My glycerin-based Vocal-eze® was the answer for sore throat remedies that would soothe over used, tired, scratchy and dry, sore throat, effortlessly and without unnatural side effects. With nine herbs that address concerns of the lungs and throat, Vocal-eze® quickly became THE choice for national recording artists. Based purely on its extraordinary performance, it earned early endorsements from Rob Thomas, Tim McGraw and Joss Stone.

Since its introduction into the market of sore throat remedies, it has become a favorite of teachers,TV anchors, speakers, and other individuals who make their living with their voices. It has been featured on TV in “Nashville Star”, in the movie “Fame”, on Broadway in “Rain” and “Les Miserables”, in music festivals like “Rothberry” ,the Country Music Summer show in Nashville and has earned a host of other famous fans like Normal Lear and Anna Getty, to name a few.Vocal-eze® was the first herbal throat spray to be offered for sale in music stores in the U.S. and U.K. Over the last 13 years, Vocal-eze® has been the top seller in that channel for sore throat remedies for singers and is now ready for a broader reach of people, like you. Vocal-eze® isn’t just used by Artist on the road it is also used by the crew to stay healthy, I feel like this is my mission in life, to create great products that not only work but taste good and are affordable. When a kid says they like how it tastes and actually wants it even when they don’t have a sore throat, I know I must be doing something right! If you have the choice of all the sore throat remedies on the market today I hope you choose this wonderfully natural, organic product that is a diamond in the ruff. Contact us at 303-823-5072