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"Discover the Secret Formula For Sore and Overused Throats to Soothe and Protect Your Voice So You Can Keep Going Strong!"


For Strained And Overused Throats

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Why Vocal Eze Could be Crucial to the Long-Term Health of Your Voice…

Vocal Eze™ was created with the performer in mind. Originally developed in 2000 with talented managers from Sony Music in Nashville and artists at the Country Music Awards (CMA), Vocal Eze™ originated from a holistic practitioner having been on the road taking care of music artists since 1996. One day an artist asked if there was anything natural to soothe an over-strained throat. That's when the research necessary to formulate the BEST vocal health support formula started. This formula also had to address the needs of being able to naturally lubricate and soothe the throat while tasting good.

Vocal Eze™ Supports a Healthy Vocal Response by using 8 Botanical Ingredients and NO harsh chemicals, NO artificial flavoring, and NO preservatives.

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But Don't

Just Take Our Word For It...


Joss Stone

Singer - Grammy Nomination “Best Female Pop Vocal” and “Best New Artist”

Vocal Eze smoothes out my voice. It helps me to get through a show when my voice is really hurting, but without numbing it. I always keep it close by when I perform."


Tim McGraw

Singer and Grammy Award Winner

“What I love about Vocal Eze is that it is a great lubricant for the throat. It stays with me once I use it – whether in concert or the recording studio.”

Vocal Eze™ is Widely Endorsed Because it Works and it’s Safe

Here are the Natural and Soothing Ingredients in Vocal Eze™…

Echinacea Root

Osha Root

Ginger Root

Licorice Root

Marshmallow Root


Aloe Vera

Spring Water

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Echinacea Root

Is known to be an anti-bacterial and anti-viral immune stimulant. It can help protect tissue and keeps the white blood cells alert in order to protect the throat. It also can help to keep your throat lubricated by stimulating saliva flow.*

Osha Root

Is known to be a powerful respiratory anti-viral plant. It can also promote bronchio-dilation (warming the lungs by increasing blood supply), as well as soothe and protect the throat.*

Ginger Root

is suggested to be a warming, circulatory stimulant to the respiratory tract. It may help increase secretions to prevent dryness.*

Licorice Root

Can be a strong systemic anti-inflammatory and immune stimulant.*

Marshmallow Root

Has been known to help remove mucus from the lungs. It can soothe and relax the bronchial tubes.*

Honey & Propolis

Can be a powerful anti-bacterial nutrient that protects the throat like a force field. It also may soothe and coat the throat and can add immune support*

Aloe Vera

Can aid in healing and repairing when ingested. This ancient Egyptian plant's properties can support body wellness and boost youthful fervor.*

Purified Water

Vocal Eze is made using high quality distilled water, 100% free of chemicals like chlorine which are added to most water supplies.

Why You Should Make Vocal Eze

Part of Your Life…


A Stronger Performance

You know you are always going to be giving

your best performance when your voice is in top shape


Has Properites to Support Your Immune System

The ingredients in Vocal Eze™ not only taste great (like honey),

they may support long-term immune health


Gain Greater Confidence

You know you are always going to be giving

your best performance when your voice is in top shape

Supports Your Immune System

The ingredients in Vocal Eze™ not only taste great (like honey), they may

support long-term immune health

Who Else

TRUSTS Vocal Eze ?


Rob Thomas

Singer of the band Matchbox Twenty and Three-time Grammy Award Winner

“Some nights, the difference between me making it through a show or not is Vocal Eze .”


Marie Matico

Star of Art of War, Maxwell Bright and Date Movie

"As an actress & voice-over artist, my voice is my asset. The idea of vocal damage is permanent and terrifying -- Vocal Eze is a great preventative measure in avoiding vocal damage and maintaining vocal health. Vocal Eze instantly soothes a stressed-out throat."

Why YOU Should

Trust Vocal Eze Too…


Easy To Use

It's as easy as a couple of sprays on your throat...quick and oh, so refreshing!


High Quality Herbs

No alcohol or other harsh chemicals are used in Vocal Eze™ so it's safe to use every single day!


Relaxes, Soothes, Protects

All with natural ingredients that taste great!

Why Vocal Eze is the BEST Throat Spray on the Market

Check this out

Here are just a few reasons...


Great tasting herbal ingredients


It is 99% alcohol free


It was created for musicians by musicians


It supports your overall vocal health and can keep you performing at your best*


It is easy to use since a spray or two provides the protection and relief you need

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